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Not Your Average Oil Change!

From the moment you arrive, you'll see what makes us different.

Premier Service Oil Change

Our Premier 33-point service is more than just a simple oil and filter change. Every service includes free top-offs on all major fluids, a safety inspection, free car wash, free beverage, free Wifi and much more. We also use only the highest quality fluids from Chevron, Mobil 1, Castrol, and Valvoline. Even better, you don't have to step foot out of the comfort of your own car!

Transmission Services

Your vehicle's transmission fluid plays a vital role in lubricating and cooling your transmission. Over time, additives can deplete, causing unnecessary ware and even costly permanent damage. Luckily, AutoLube specializes in servicing all types of transmissions and can provide drain and fills as well as full fluid exchanges. 

Coolant System Service

Coolant is located in your vehicles radiator. Together, the radiator and coolant allow the engine to run at optimal temperature. However, coolant breaks down over time and the proper balance between water and glycol can get thrown off. At AutoLube, we offer a full coolant fluid exchange using the highest quality, extended life coolant. This service ensures your vehicle is running at the proper temperature while reducing the risk of damage to your engine.

Power Steering

Many vehicles are equipped with hydraulic power steering units that help the you steer the vehicle. However, old power steering fluid can contain harmful contaminates that cause severe damage to vital vehicle components resulting in costly repairs. Our power steering service flushes these contaminates and replaces old fluid with new, high quality power steering fluid. 

Differentials and Transfer Case Units

Differentials and Transfer Case units work with your transmission to deliver power to your wheels. Fluid in your differential(s) works to keep damaging heat and friction away from your gears. As this fluid degrades, gears begin to grind and the likelihood of needing costly repairs increases. Our differential services prevent the need for costly repairs and maintain your vehicle's warranty requirements.    

Air Filters, Supplements, Wiper Blades and More

On top of servicing all major vehicle fluids, we also check and or replace engine air filters, cabin air filters, PCV Valves, serpentine belts, wiper blades and more. Additionally, we carry premium supplements from Chevron and Heartland to maximize vehicle performance and longevity. 

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